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Germany, for me was one of my most awaited destination- not that I was looking forward to explore the country but for my childhood hero MICHAEL SCHUMACHER (FORMULA ONE)- my family most loved sport while we were growing up thanks to my daddy! Also, for the fact that I am huge football fan!!!

I started my EURO trip from Germany many a times, first ever stop happened to be Frankfurt.

*FRANKFURT, for me was not very appealing at first but there are few places which can change that opinion. The Romerberg- Frankfurt’s most picturesque square (old town center). It has some beautiful Architectural buildings from 15th to 18th century. It is extremely busy due to its historic value. You can visit the Opera house & Frankfurt Zoo.

 *MUNICH, was an amazing start- our hotel was very close to the city center. Marienplatz, has some amazing historical buildings- it is so lively full of coffee shops, bars, music and that sound of the clock music is still stuck in my head! The city center consists of a lot of local and international retail brands. For me, I was just excited to be there most of the days and chill, grab a coffee and walk around.

Munich has a lot to offer: OLYMPIAPARK- (Olympic stadium 1972) – I was so glad to have visited and experienced the Olympic ground! It is also open to public for sports. The extravagant swimming pool to fun trampoline- it is no regular activity when it’s the Olympic stadium. While visiting the park, do not miss out on the OLYMPIA TOWER- the 360 degree Munchen city view plus the small rock museum is a bonus! Right across the Olympia park is the BMW welt if one wants to take a walk around.

ENGLISH GARDEN in Munich is beautifully landscaped, laced with streams and bordered by the Isar river, it is great place for walking and relaxing.

 And, for all the football lovers – how can one leave Munich without visiting the ALLIANZ ARENA, the FC Bayern Munich football stadium. It is Stunning in&out!

The last two that I believe is an absolute to do things in Munich is the day trips! You will find a lot of local tourist shops offering such excursions. It can be extremely exhausting, so do not book it back to back days.  Get on your most comfortable shoes!



Simply Breathtaking scenery, you can see into Salzburg on a clear day! I loved the outer sitting of the restaurant up there and watch the clouds below you go by. The ride up the mountain is a bit scary- very close to the edge! If you are a history fanatic, this museum, is a must visit!



It was snowing & raining when we got there- though it just looked perfect to discover the gem between amazing sceneries, couldn’t have asked for a more better day to be there. Take a horse carriage up to the Neuschwanstein Castle- It adds more chills to the adventure. Arrive early if you wish to take a walk on to the footbridge to get the best views before it gets too crowded. As of Linderholf, a very unique small little castle with a lot of greenery around. It was indeed one beautiful experience!



CARACALLA THERMAL SPA was the sole reason for my visit to Baden Baden. If you been to Germany and haven’t been here- I cannot express in words what have you missed on! The spa paradise just outside the black forest build by the Romans, rising from deep springs, experience the unique effects of these minerals on your body letting you have the most unforgettable feeling of relaxation! They have large variety of bathing pools both indoors & outdoors from warm to cold temperature of water to aromatic steam bath and salt inhalation room, it has it all. I spend most of my day and still didn’t get enough of it! It is beautiful and well maintained. They have little café inside you can take a break and enjoy a good coffee. It is a definite must visit in Germany. The walk around the area is very peaceful too and we were lucky to experience the baden baden live music festival in the evenings, it just couldn’t get any better for us.

It was an emotional goodbye after the most relaxing time, with a realization, that PEACE is the only thing that matters end of the day.

So, do what makes you happy! X

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  • WOW! so much depth and personal feel to it, got me excited to consider Germany haha my next travel destination.


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