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Hair care, one of the most difficult task for me. Can’t speak for others but I am really lazy when it comes to taking care of my hair.

 Though, many a time, I do google and find thousands of home remedies for hair but I haven’t literally done any more than once. I lack patience to make them, apply them and then wait to wash them off! Also, due to my constant travel it’s almost impossible to find the time for it.

 Having said the above things, for any girl, hair is one of the most essential part of her beauty! Due to lack of time and continuous change of place, constant coloring, using hot styling tools, my hair tends to get very dry! (OBVIOUS)!!!!

After trying a lot of different Shampoo & conditioner for dry hair- I can say nothing worked for me! My hair is stubborn just like me probably!

Though I found a winner product for myself, in my kitchen! Yes. The virgin oil that I use for cooking. It proved to be a blessing! Not only did it help me getting rid of dryness but it works wonder for hair fall and dandruff problems. Its easily available, easy to use and most of all it WORKS!

 Many of my close ones, do suspect my hidden agenda behind my hair extension line was to end my misery of having to take care of long locks! Well, that’s not completely true I can say but it does help me a lot to have a good hair day every day and you can too- ORDER NOW-! :D






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  • It worked for my dandruff problemmm. <3


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