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Hair Do’s & how to achieve them in minutes…! :D



Let’s go back in time and think about the hairstyles in the 80’s!

The blown out voluminous hair was very popular in the 80s. To achieve one, you would need a lot of back combing, hair sprays, hair gels and a lot of time to achieve that perfect look- Permed and teased to Perfection! Creating volume to the hair is always a difficult task to achieve. I am glad to be not born during that time for my lack of patience to go through it all to get that look! In addition to the smelly few hours at the salon to get the perm, a lot of hair products (hair spray & hair gel) are the key to achieving the perfect crunchy staying power that can make your hair stay!

TIP: Life just got easier- with the Volumizers! The one-piece hair extension is a blessing in disguise. You can just add on the extensions and without much effort get the perfect 80’s look!

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 80’s was also about “The High Side Ponytails”, It seems like rather easier to achieve- but again, crunchier required! When I decided to achieve this look- my hair looked scantier as one needs longer fuller hair to achieve this look. But with the availability of Ponytail’s I can proudly wear the look!

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Moving on to the 90’s

The 90’s were a year of different looks, from Mini half buns, Crimped Hair, Box braids to butterfly clips. My favorite of them were the half buns and crimpled hair look!

Well, few hairstyles can pass as practical and cute like Half- Buns! Achieving a half bun could sound like a joke but isn’t. It’s very important to fake volume to begin with or it could almost look like tiny worn out bun. I like to mix the bun with the wavy texture for daytime look to give that extra volume all over! Curl your hair all over, divide the top section of your hair and tease it well (back combing). For me, I like to add some hair extensions for the volume or the ponytail extensions to get that fuller bun that way I avoid hair teasing and sprays to make the hair stay and look fuller. I am not a fan of hair products because it damages your hair, I rather use an extension to get the fuller look.

 Last, you can also add some butterfly or flower clips around the bun to achieve the 90’s bun look!

Crimped hair look was one of look that fascinated me. It is easy to achieve with the crimpling machine available. Though I like to add some colorful extensions make it look trendy. It’s good to play around with the look! For girls with shorter hair, add some length to the look. You can use Clip-in extensions or Clip-in Volumizers as crimpling can make hair look shorter than actual size and I prefer length to achieve that perfect look.


THE 20’s!!!

Straight/ curly long hair- when it got simpler to achieve that sophisticated look. Early 20’s started with poker straight hair look to curly to beach waves. I am long locks admirer! It definitely adds beauty to the look. It’s easier to achieve without much to do. My usual day look is straight hair with long length Clip-in extensions to very light loose curls. For me, a girl should wear her hair right, it does make a difference. If I am running late to work, ponytail extensions are my best friend. To lazy times, I am lucky to have extensions to achieve all kind of looks in minutes.


20’s was also about highlights, I like to add little small clips to add some color to the hair. I like to keep my hair healthy and it’s best when you have options to achieve a look without damaging your hair.



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