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Living in Japan...


For me, adapting to new country/ new culture hasn’t ever been a problem. As I say, I come from ‘no land’ ... I have been moving around constantly for more than 15 years now.

 But Japan is a different experience! I lived in japan on & off for 4 years and the country sure has amazing things to offer. The only issue faced was language barrier though we had a constant translator with us everywhere we went.

 The discipline in the people of the country is what amazed me the most. May it be the queuing up to catch a train or waiting outside a restaurant to get a table. The “soft spoken” are what I like to refer them as.

 The people aren’t just beautiful inside- you can never guess the age of the women there. I would be embarrassed how well they looked for their age! From the weather to the food and their amazing skin care products. I have spent most of my money in buying the products. The east Asians are known to have the most fab hair and I couldn’t go wrong with mine being there!

Thanks to the hair extensions – I could manage to keep up so you can too- get one now – ! Travel in style is what I believe in! Memories fade but pictures remain ;)

 During those 4 years, I travelled around a lot within the country. My most Favorite places & things I did there:


HOKKAIDO- One of the most beautiful island. The food is so fresh you could tell even from the look of it. They serve Horse meat if anyone willing to try that! I happened to experience the winters of Hokkaido and I loved it! It was extremely cold with temperature dropping to minus 8 degree and more. But I have always been a fan of snow so for me it was a blessing! Attend the Sapporo Snow festival to witness the stunning snow sculptures. You cannot miss out the breath-taking view from Mount Hakodate.  And on a tiring day you could take a trip to JRtower Sapporo to get the 360degree city view! (DO NOT FORGET TO TRY THEIR YUMMIEST CHEESE CAKE EVER)

 TOKYO- Heaven for girls- I couldn’t just stop shopping! The Japanese local shops have some unique styles to offer. A must visit- Shibuya 109- this building is a shopaholics Paradise! The other place that I would recommend is – Takeshita street- one of the busiest street I have ever seen! You can take a walk-through Harajuku for more street shopping. And last that I could never miss is Ginza- you ll find all the international luxury brands there, though my motive was to only buy some exclusive skin care line of japan from Ginza which is available in limited places.

And of course, the Disneyland- I am sure I don’t need to elaborate more on that one! 

 NIIGATA- For me, no trip end without taking a trip down to Niigata! Even the drive towards it is a beautiful experience in itself.  I am head over heels in love with it esp. during winters. It has some outstanding views that captures your heart! Niigata is famous for skiing and it is a must visit place. (in the picture)

 AKAGI LAKE (Mt. Akagi) - I believe one must surely visit the Akagi lake during the winters when the lake is frozen- the experience of walking on a frozen lake and to go fishing on it- I was very trilled to experience every bit of that! The small holes that people dug on the frozen lake for fishing was very exciting for me!

 Cannot miss MT. FUJI & a trip to HAKONE NATIONAL PARK!

 HOT SPRINGS- you find them in many parts of the country! :D

 Other view places that I have visited were Kumagaya, Nagano, Hanno, Tohoku!

 What is life without such experiences: Japan has a lot to offer- from getting on to fastest train in the world (shinkansen) to the fastest roller costar ride Fujiyama – I am glad to have lived it all in Japan, it was worth every minute of it!



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