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Travel in style.. Venice!

Hi Everyone, 

To start with, i am not a blogger - this space is going to be all casual so do not judge! :D 

Let me begin with sharing my travel experiences and most essential carry items. Travel is not only about exploring new places for me but also capturing the moments for life! 

Things i cannot go wrong with: not looking my best in pictures-they stay! 

Most essentials carry items for me: Good Moisturizers, good eye liners, lip balm and my hair extensions! It has always been about good hair day for me! We can cover up a no makeup day by wearing a nerdy glasses and with a good hair it can still look perfect! 

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My trip to Venice was a tick off from my "to-do list before i die"

Getting there was a bit tricky- but the best way to get there from the airport is follow the crowd and thats exactly what we did! We were lead to a bus stop and the bus dropped us off to a public ferry transport port which took us to the Vatican city!

Indeed, one of the most natural romantic vibes is all you feel. Though it can disappoint many for various reasons as small maze of lanes, the smell and limited activity around. I had a disappointing start too, some lanes were to tiny to drag through the luggage bags, finding the location of the apartment we booked, only to discover there are no lifts in the building and so had to carry the luggage up to the fourth floor. Hence, its said, travel light! lol 

Things i loved about venice: The architecture, the masquerade theme shops, the Maze of lanes and the gondola ride! 

What i thoroughly enjoyed was just walking around the maze of lanes and never finding way back! Keep your expectations bit low, go there for the feel of it! The city has its own charm! There isn't a particular list of activities or things to see- everything is so unique in its own way! The main market/shopping/ cafes hub is around San Marco & San polo. 

Wandering around from lanes to lanes and just being mesmerized by every non perfect/old buildings, this city surely has love in the air! A short 3 days trip is enough to explore the city. 

"The city of water" "the city of mask" "the floating city" 


Life is short, go live it! <3

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